How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Is a dental procedure or even oral surgery in your future? If so, you may be feeling a pang (or several) of anxiety. You’re not alone. Millions of people have an innate fear of seeing the dentist, let alone the performance of any type of dental procedure, but dental anxiety can be overcome. At Gentle Dental Family Care, we care to know how our patients feel. More than that, we care to make them feel better.

Chances are, if you met our dentists or any member of our dental team outside of the office, you would immediately realize that we are all very friendly, nurturing individuals. However, something switches in many people’s minds as soon as they see the white coat or the scrubs. Dental anxiety can get in the way of a healthy smile. It gets in the way of your well-being, and it can even get in the way of an optimal dental procedure. Here, we will discuss what you could do as you prepare for an oral surgery procedure, or any procedure, in our Gentle Dental Family Care Office.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Problem

The first step to overcoming dental anxiety is accepting the fact that you have it. Dental anxiety is not something that you should ignore; it only makes it worse. There are many things that can be done to minimize stress, but first, you have to be willing to recognize it. Trust us, we won’t judge you for it! Once you’re accutely aware of the proeblem, you can now take steps to solve it.

Step 2: Explore your Fear

Most of us would prefer to sidestep fear whenever possible. Fear can be uncomfortable, and it can also feel embarrassing if you believe that you shouldn’t feel the way you do. There are plenty of reasons why people feel anxious about undergoing a dental procedure; a bad experience, claustrophobia… Here’s one you may not have heard: natural biological response. According to one study, humans are simply wired to protect, and opening wide for a dentist, even though you know he or she has good intentions, can feel incredibly vulnerable.

Step 3: Take Steps to Banishing Dental Anxiety

It may not be possible to go back and change your wiring for protection. We cannot erase the memory of a bad dental experience from your past, either. What we can do is talk with you. Sometimes, just knowing what to expect, and knowing that your dentist understands your fear, can help. However, this does not mean that you are limited to this approach. Patients of Gentle Dental Family Care are encouraged to consider the benefits of sedation for their more intense dental surgeries. We offer various forms of sedation to banish fears and improve the process of care.

Your Dental Health

When it comes to your health, both that of your mouth and your overall well-being, trust in the dentists at Gentle Dental Family Care.  Your dentist will be able to identify any symptoms and send you to the right professionals for further care. Gentle Dental Family Care is the best dental practice in the Kew Gardens, Queens NY 11415 area and we are open on Sundays as well as late evenings. For a teeth cleaning or exam, we recommend coming into the office or booking an appointment here with one of our talented dental professionals. All new patients may also take advantage of our $99 Cleaning Special that includes an exam and x-rays. To set up your appointment give us a call at (718) 849-9797. We also welcome walk-ins, to accommodate patients with a busy schedule. We hope to see you soon!

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